1. Stoked that Nick Thune visits Richmond tomorrow at 10pm at Gallery 5. . This CBB appearance is a good warmup.


    Comedy Bang! Bang!: Philip Traumatic Seymour Disorder

    Oscar season is upon us so who better to join us than Oscar-nominated actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and fan favorite Nick Thune on this week’s bonus episode of Comedy Bang Bang! Philip gives us a preview of his upcoming Orson Welles project right before Scott’s nephew Todd interrupts the program. We then play a game of Fortunately, Unfortunately until a special guest graces us with his presence!

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    Stoked that Nick Thune visits Richmond tomorrow at 10pm at Gallery 5. . This CBB appearance is a good warmup.
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    I liked this episode quite a lot! I could definitely feel that Adomian’s Philip Seymour Hoffman didn’t sound quite...
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    New OSCAR NIGHT ep of CBB!
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