1. Love seeing Richmonders make good. Sto was my neighbor when we lived at Park & Harrison. He’s been busy since he left.


    Midtown, New York City

    24 BY 36 is 36 artists producing 24 works overnight at Ace Hotel.
    12 solo artists and 12 collaborative duos hotel-camping in New York.

    We’ve invited a handful of artists to storm the castle, prompted with poems, scores, instructions, drawings, and scraps. We provide the room, the bottle of wine and the foundation-year-stile Art Bin full of charcoal sticks and kneaded erasers. And then we get out of their way.

    It kicked off last week with a collaborative effort by Sto and his invited accomplice Asha Man. The two laid down a tarp, made an alter, tons of small works around said-alter, got nude, body-painted, evoked some spirits and in the end, made us a drawing. 

    Tonight we’re posting up with JD Samson

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    Love seeing Richmonders make good. Sto was my neighbor when we lived at Park & Harrison. He’s been busy since he left.
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    This is fabulous. Over the holidays, I was lucky enough to spend some time in NYC and the Ace Hotel was one place I made...
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