1. Nick Offerman & Planking

    If my calculations are correct, this will be on the radar by morning. BRING ME THAT SWEET MEME GOLD! (via this)

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    Nick Offerman - moustache = nnooooOOOOOOO STOP IT YOU’RE MESSING WITH MY WORLDVIEW
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    zOMG Ron Swanson IRL is Nick Offerman, in more ways than the obvious.
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    popculturebrain:indieandyy:...He is a fabulous person.
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    I loved his bead...glue sound effects, and his concern about this video turning up on some...
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    Yes I did just watch this 10 minute video of Ron Swanston making a canoe. What of it?
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    such a boatsman. also a+ boat name (nomad).
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