1. Candied Ginger Limeade Soda at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink. Fresh and sweet. Perfect welcome to miami. #nonalcoholic. http://elxr.co/p/drg


  2. But wait there’s more!



    I love this man.

    These are some pretty fantastic dance struts. 

    (Source: nprmusic)


  3. Can’t stop watching Future Islands.


    5 Dance Moves We Learned From SXSW 2014

    GIFs: adamkissick for NPR

    (via nprmusic.)


  4. I reserve my this’s for times like THIS.


    Eichler Tract Home | Architects: A. Quincy Jones & Frederick Emmons | Fairhills, Orange County, CA | Owner: Brent Harris | Photo: Jim Brown

    Brent Harris also owns the famous Kaufmann Desert House in Palm Springs. See our previous post. - Via


  5. Next Sunday, come see everything we’ve collected recently. Loads of Sharp Man stuff including a few vintage womans bikes & industrial gears & wall-hangings. Hope you join us.


    March 23rd: 11 AM - DON’T SLEEP!!! Warehouse Sale with Era Vintage, The Odd Couple & Bric-A-Brakman. 202 N 21st St.


  6. The Midnight Suggestion Presents: KYLE KINANE + Special Guests. Kyle Kinane returns to Richmond on Monday April 14th, to grace Strange Matter with his presence. He’ll be joined by Jesse Jarvis & Steven Howze. Get your tickets now so you don’t miss out.



  7. True Barista starring Andy Haynes (Rust Cohle incarnate) and Billy Wayne Davis.


  8. Elixr goes to Texas. We whipped up a rad mini site for #SXSW. Find the top spots & most recent drinks at elixr.io/sxsw. (at Mobelux)


  9. Grantland covered an epic Putt Putt game that was 2 miles from my house? (via Putt Putt Perfect | Via Style Weekly.)


  10. Renovation Discovery